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Cafe 80's

V Kolkovně 6
110 00 Prague 1
Tel.: +420 725 991 924
Email: cafe80,gastrogroup,cz


Reservations from 2pm
Tel.: + 420 725 991 924

Main office

Gastro Group Kolkovna s.r.o.
Rašínovo Nábřeží 44/2
128 00 Praha 2
Business ID: 24670332
VAT number: CZ 24670332
Register of Companies Statement, 
conducted by Municipal Court in Prague,
C 164882

Opening times:

Tuesday 7 pm - 3 am

From Wednesday till Saturday 5 pm - 4 am


Genereal Manager - Jan Mulač




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Holders of these cards with us can benefit from the following discounts. The card must be presented before ordering staff!

- 10% discount on consumption of food and beverages.
- XXL cuba libre (standard price CZK 999) - 20% discount






According to the law on the registration of sales, the seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the buyer. He is also obliged to register a revenue received from the Tax online; in case of technical failure, then within 48 hours.
In the event that between us and the consumer to the emergence of a consumer dispute arising from the purchase contract or a contract for services that can not be solved by mutual agreement, the consumer may file a petition for judicial resolution of such disputes body designated court settlement of consumer disputes, which is the Czech business inspection, Central Inspectorate - ADR department, Štěpánská 15, 120 00 Praha 2, e-mail: 20adr,coi,cz">adr,coi,cz, web:

Consumers can also use the platform for online dispute settlement, which is established by the European Commission at

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