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TARTARE – The taste of seasoned meat

Through our selection of tartare dishes we invite you on a “tartare” trip around the world.

Raw meat has been a popular delicacy in many countries and it is often served in a manner that accentuates the mild taste of the raw meat. This means no ketchup and no garlic, which are both ingredients that overpower the aroma and taste of the meat.

Simply look at Piemont, Italy, where raw, chopped beef is a popular appetizer. It is served just with pepper, salt, a bit of parmesan cheese and olive oil, which enhance the taste of the beef – not drown it out.

Historical error

We’d like to point out a mistake that’s often said about tartare – that nomadic Tatars brought steak tartare to Europe nearly a thousand years ago (thus the name “tartare”). According to legend, these barbarians on horseback, who didn’t have time to cook, put a slab of raw meat under their saddles and as they rode their horses all day, the meat was ground down and salted from their horses’ sweat. According to culinary historians, though, this is just a romantic story that developed simply because of the word “tartare”.

So what’s the real story? Food historians say that steak tartare was invented at the turn of the 19th century in Paris, where restaurants started to offer raw beef served with a raw egg yolk, capers and onions. Back then they were called “steak à l’ américaine”, but because they were served with tartare sauce, this name was gradually replaced with “steak tartare”.


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